G|FASHION Develops Comprehensive Cooperation with the World’s Top Brand Mandelli

Translated by: MOS Translation Team – Ayu

Miles Guo announced a major piece of good news in the Miles Grand Live broadcast on December 3, when the world’s top brand Mandelli offered to cooperate with G|FASHION.

It is understood that Mr. Mandelli used to manufacture clothing and leather bags for many of the world’s top brands, including Hermes. He is known as the “King of the Fashion World” and also a pope-level figure in the fashion industry.

At present, G|FASHION’s apparels are all manufactured by Mandelli’s Italian factory. The main reason for this cooperation is that Mandelli looks at the strength of the New Federal State of China and the infinite value of the Himalaya Exchange in the future.

Miles Guo revealed that on December 2, Mandelli took the initiative to seek cooperation with G|FASHION and provided G|FASHION with the agency rights of all Mandelli brands in the United States at zero cost, that is, G|FASHION can legally use all Mandelli brands. At the same time, Mandelli sincerely invites Miles to become a shareholder.

In addition, Mr. Mandelli also welcomes comrades of the New Federal State of China, G|CLUBS members, and G|TV investors to visit Mandelli’s factory in Italy at any time to learn about the real fashion art.

And also, Miles Guo mentioned that G|FASHION will truly open up a new world in the fashion industry like the Himalaya Exchange.

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