Advanced Technologies Help the New Federal State of China to Build a Grand Map

Translated by: MOS Translation Team – Ayu

On December 5, in the Miles Grand Live broadcast , Miles Guo described a picture of the future territory of the New Federal State of China, including a series of core technologies in the world from energy technology to finance. 

First, The most important thing is the RVC battery. The electrode material supported by the mesh glassy carbon technology has broad application prospects of low density, high stability, superconductivity, safety and low cost. The key point is solar energy conversion technology, which has become an inexhaustible new energy source. The latest research progress in the United States shows that this is another revolutionary breakthrough.

Second, the security and stability of IBM’s 2nm chips have reached to military level, and GF (GlobalFoundries) will produce them in collaboration.

Third, batteries and chips are the core of the core technology. The space currency of the New Federal State of China will be created, which is identified by a biometric code and has unparalleled security.

Finally, there are 5G and AI technologies under the full control of the above-mentioned battery, chip and blockchain encryption technology.

Miles Guo expected that the New Federal State of China has participated in the most advanced and core technologies in the world, and the construction of the grand territory in the future will slowly be revealed to the world.

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