U.S. Secretary of Commerce Called on House of Representatives to Pass the CHIP Act

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On Nov. 29, according to local media’s report, the U.S. Secretary of Commerce, Gina Raimondo called on the House of Representatives to approve $52 billion to expand the semiconductor manufacturing industry in the United States. This proposal is also known as the CHIP act.

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It is reported that when visiting Michigan, Raimondo listened to the chip crisis facing the U.S. automotive industry. Due to the shortage of chips, Detroit’s three major carmakers were forced to reduce production or produce cars with reduced functions.

At the same time, major automobile manufacturers are transforming to take the newly developed electric vehicles as the main products, so as to gradually replace the previous gasoline-powered vehicles. However, the dilemma that manufacturers are facing today is that electric vehicles need twice as many chips as gasoline-powered vehicles.

“The reality is Michigan will lose jobs … if we don’t increase our supply of chips,” Raimondo said. Relevant information indicated that the CHIP act is part of the U.S. Innovation and Competition Act (USICA), which was passed in the Senate in June. The core content of the CHIP Act is to support the production of semiconductor chips in the United States, so as to avoid the problems of supply chain terminal emerging again in the future, and to reduce the United States’ dependence on CCP’s auto parts in the same time.

Sources: Nine Governors Press U.S. Lawmakers to Pass Semiconductor Funding Bill

U.S. Secretary of Commerce Visited Michigan, Appealed to the Congress for Funding to Expand the Chip Industry 

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