Omicron Could End the Pandemic, but Two Groups of People Need Particular Precautions

Translated by: MOS Education Team – Sarahyy

During the live broadcast on December 4, Mr. Mile Guo disclosed that the CCP virus “Omicron variant” is highly transmissible despite of low mortality rate in the short term. Its characteristics may bring this pandemic to an end.

The Omicron variant was reported to have high transmissibility among the general population. It spread to 39 countries in just one week and has become the dominant CCP virus strain of this pandemic.

Mr. Guo warned that two groups of people need to take special precautions. One group are people with underlying medical conditions where the Omicron infection would aggravate their own pathological changes. The other group are people with a family history of diseases, where the Omicron infection will increase the chance of developing related genetic diseases.


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