Crowds at Pingtung Vaccination Sites For 500 TWD and Coupons Awarded After Injections

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Receive 500 TWD immediately after the vaccination (Photo by Yeh Yong-keun)

Although Taiwan recovered from the CCP virus COVID-19 outbroken in May, it has been almost 2 months without any local positive infector, the government still have an urge to increase the vaccination rate. To encourage more people to get vaccination of COVID-19, they give away cash of 500 TWD and coupons, which may speed up vaccine disaster.

(Reported by Yeh Yong-keun/Pingtung, Taiwan) From today, Pingtung County is giving away 500 TWD cash for vaccination at 6 stations, such as Pacific Department Store and Pingtung Railway Station. Pacific Department Store and other department stores are also giving away coupons for restaurants, such as Syabu-Yo and Café Grazie, which attracts many people to go to the stations to get vaccinated. There are crowds at all stations in the morning, with more than 100 people giving vaccination, and there are still quotas in the afternoon, so you have to go quickly if you want to get the giveaways.

The Pingtung County Government will be administering the Moderna vaccine at six stations from 5th to 7th of December, including Pingtung Railway Station, Chaozhou Railway Station, Global Mall Shopping Center, Pacific Department Store, Donggang Donglong Temple and Checheng Fu’an Temple, with the openning hours from 10:30am to 12:30pm and 13:00pm to 19:00pm, and the first 300 people at each station will receive 500 TWD in cash.

A 69-year-old woman accompanied by her husband came to have the vaccination, saying that she was not feeling well before and now she is feeling better and the station is convenient. Some young people also said they came to get the vaccine because they could get money for it.

County Mayor Pan Mengan also visited the Pacific Department Store in the morning and expressed his gratitude to the Pingtung Buddhist Association and Donggang Donglong Temple for their donations and the department stores for providing various coupons in order to increase the vaccination rate and community protection.

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