CCP-Linked Firms Are Obtaining American DNA Through Vaccination Data

Dec. 6th, 2021


According to a story by The National Pulse on December 2nd, 2021, it talks about how China is receiving personal data as well as DNA obtained from vaccination data collected by Fulgent Genetics despite LA County Sheriff Alex Villanueva and the FBI stating that genetic material gathered by Fulgent can be used by the Chinese Communist Party, their military, and other affiliated groups. A letter composed by Sheriff Villanueva to the Board of Supervisors was posted to social media this week, detailing information from the FBI Weapons of Mass Destruction Coordinator, who explicitly stated Fulgent’s links to BGI, WuXi, Huawei Technology, the Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences, the PRC State Council, all of whom can use genetic material gathered from LA citizens in future studies and other research.

It seems incredible that this could have happened, how could a company with links to the CCP be collecting data and despite being made aware that they are potentially providing citizen’s genetic material to the Chinese Communist Party via Fulgent’s free testing and vaccination programs, the County of Los Angeles website is still working with the third-party provider.

LA County Human Resources demand that all workers show proof of vaccination, and upload all of their personal and vaccine data to a Fulgent Genetics-operated portal. Workers do not have to receive their vaccine from Fulgent genetics, but they must upload all pertinent data to the LAC-Fulgent Genetics registration portal.

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