China’s Data And Debt Traps Are A Warning To The World Says UK’s Secret Intelligence Service

Dec. 6th, 2021

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According to a story in Insider Paper on December 1st, 2021, it goes on to explain how the Chinese Communist Party has been setting debt and data traps in developing countries, these are thinly disguised as education and infrastructure loans which are part of the Belt and Road initiative, it has long been known that China has the capability to “harvest data from around the world” and uses money to “get people on the hook”. It becomes easy to access valuable data when you allow companies to be involved in such critical services within your communities such as health, education, and transportation and if you are not careful over time that will erode your sovereignty, you no longer have control over that data.

The communist regime has been doing this in many countries for a long time now and the data that they have acquired could be incredibly useful in the near future, not to mention the land especially ports and airfields that have been handed over when some of the developing countries find it impossible to pay off the loans that have been given for overly elaborate and usually unnecessary transportation links. This is the way that the Chinese authorities gain control and influence in foreign lands which obviously hurts the sovereignty of that nation.

The UK’s Secret Intelligence Service recently later told the International Institute for Strategic Studies in London that China was now the agency’s “single greatest priority,” and that a “miscalculation” by an overconfident regime in Beijing over an issue like Taiwan could pose a “serious challenge” to global peace.

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