Do your God-given Human Rights!

Author: Jin Wang

U.S. Public Health Announcement #533

The Sky is Falling AGAIN…3 out of 329,485,000 people Have just tested positive For the

Omicron Variant

We’ve got to contain this !!!

NOW !!! Stop this massive viral outbreak !!! Shut everything down !!! Stay indoors !!!

Triple mask !!!

Run to get another booster shot !!!

Social distance !!!

Cancel the holidays !!! Close the doors to your business !!! Don’t buy groceries !!!

Eat what’ve you got !!! Don’t buy gas !!! Go electric !!!

We Are Sure This Time !!! Remain positive people This won’t last…

Just like your freedoms We are slowly taking away

Don’t worry !!! This is not a joke

We’re normalizing


To do it 

Feel a bit strange? Do yourGod-given Human Rights Sound Like a bleeding Chest wound Yet !!!

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