Do everything possible to survive before the vaccine disaster overturn

Miles Guo

I am very optimistic for one or two months, I think the vaccine disaster will definitely stop

Just at 4 weeks ago, whether the American judge was going to rule that doctors were not allowed to do vaccine mandate this week

At that time, 90% probability of all feedback is impossible

But in the next three days, prosecutors and federal judges all issuedbans

For today’s America, the situation has turned upside down, including firefighters and policemen refused vaccine mandate

You look at who is the bravest people in the world, which country is the strongest, is the Americans

Until now the bravest and most action in the world is the United States, including in thearea of law

Then you look at this newly powerful country Australia, the most extreme and the most asshole country

But Laobaixingthereare the strongest in mobilitywhich is very sad

Germany is an extreme nation, an extreme country

Either the best thing is produced, or it’s an extreme disaster

from the history of World War I and World War II up to now, including the relationship with the Communist Party

Now Germany is going to the other extreme, you can’t imagine the gangsters of German politicians

The least job that our PR company wants to take is doing PR in Germany

The other one is Italy, saying that Italians are untrustworthy, they lie and he said that Italians are a bunch of scammers

The other one is the German, he said that they are a bunch of completely selfish, arrogant, stupid guys

You have seen it, look at that new prime minister

That’s it, right? These are all good friends, but I think you must believe

It’s not just ourselves, it is the common need of all mankind who are wise, capable and actionable standing with us now

I believe it will be reversed soon, but before that you have to find a way to survive

Original Video Title: Do everything possible to survive before the vaccine disaster overturn
Original Video Date:2021/12/03
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