12/05/2021 Summary  of Mr.Miles Guo live broadcasting from GTV.org

1.  Current top Japanese casino owner contacted Mr.Miles Guo, wanted to invest the UK casino bought by Himalaya Exchange. He will pay management cost of next 10 years to get a 20% share only. Why do the top casino owner want to join? New Federal State of China has digital currency Himalaya coins, stable currency Himalaya dollar, digital banking license, online gambling license, all these combined together, the power is unlimited.

2. Japan’s announcement of defense of Taiwan is only psychological. Taiwan’s problems are mainly coming from traitors inside.

3. Xi Jinping promotes digitized RMB first in the world, he is aiming to replace the payment system SWIFT of United States. The US is afraid that CCP stop using USD as payment now.

4. IBM’s RAM chip will change the world. All future automobiles and batteries will apply blockchain technology. New Federal State of China will have all the core advantages of 5G, AI, chips, battery technology and encryption technology.

5. Himalaya coin is virtual currency with centralized control and decentralized exchange system.

6. Himalaya coin can not replace any fiat currency in 3-5 year yet.

7. Sky WiFi will face serious disturbance in mainland China. Our fellow fighters can’t use it to access the internet beyond GFW in China yet.

8. When you get really wealthy, gambling becomes the major route. G-Club is the bridge of the G-series. GTV is the king of all G-series investments. Understand GTV, you will understand all G-series, and have voting rights for all G-series.

9. Laydown coin use public blockchain technology. People earn laydown coin through proof of work, for example, how much work you did in this live broadcast. Proof of work algorithm will judge your tribute to gain coin.

10. New Federal State of China will definitely provide first class passports to fellow fighters in future, please wait with patience.

11. Xi Jinping planned to destroy all overseas financial institutes related to Wang Qishan through real estate developer’s debt default and bankruptcy. The cost of Chinese people is the wealth of several generations effort being robbed by CCP.

12. Trillions of dollars of CCP’s corruption money deposited in UBS have not been touched yet, which means real infighting of CCP has not begun yet.

13.The vaccine is the virus itself. Purpose of virus release is vaccination.

14.Russian government and CCP are the real culprits of CCP virus, and evil religious forces and some financial groups on Wall Street are working with them too.

Chinese version writer: Wen Jun

Translator: Curiosity

Posted by: Maarago

Disclaimer: This article only represents the author’s view. Gnews is not responsible for any legal risks.

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