Two disadvantages and two advantages of U.S. regulation of digital currency

MIles Guo

Including many large real estate companies and automobile companies in Europe, the United States, Japan, and the Middle East

are allagreed to accept HCointo do business, any symbolic transaction, it is extraordinary

Please ask, besides Bitcoin, Huobi, and that Binance, there are 14,000 so many digital currency

How many digital currency have been accepted to do business by the really large and serious companies in the market?

It doesn’t circulate, the core of digital currency is circulation,if you don’t circulate, it’s worthless

If you want to circulate, you must be connected with fiat currency, you cannot become a tool for money laundry or tax evasion

There is no future, this is why Bitcoin will eventually die

Then you are indeed in contact with fiat currency, you must be supervised, and that means KYC

What can the U.S. regulation of digital currency supervise? Remember, it has two disadvantages and two advantages

One disadvantage, where is the disadvantage? when we have to face American regulation

When you want to enter the American market at this time, that means you must remember

My comrades in arms, you have to understand that your information will be regulated by the U.S. government

That means the information of American citizens must be given to the IRS of the U.S. government, you have no choice

Another one, this is the first disadvantage, where is the second disadvantage?

You want to evade tax in the United States, you need to avoid tax legally, and you can’t evade tax, this is the second disadvantage

Where are the two advantages? The only one in the world that will be most respected by the western government

Himalaya’s KYC is definitely the highest level

This time we will become the ultimate winner

Where is the other advantage? HCoin will be more valuable

because these countries look atthe KYC, review the structure, stable currency, fiat currency

And it’s a decentralized technology for centralized administrative management, so they can be ease

These countries will fully accept it, and the price will soar like the rocket

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