Mr. Guo put forward regulatory opinions in virtual currency regulatory conferences around the world

Miles Guo

Having decentralized technology and not accepting decentralized coins is an absolute countermeasure in this supervision

Second, all those who are pegged to with fiat currency must unconditionally provide the State with all information on the linked fiat currency

Don’t have any fluke, it will be that way

The third one, all the supervision of the whole world, Miles is qualified to say this

because I will have a meeting with them this afternoon, Miles wants to give them suggestions

How to increase supervision, not only can control firmly, but also to ensure the security of country’s tax revenue, but also does not affect personal privacy

As the amount increases, gradually your national currency and sovereignty

and your political power can extend to the world indefinitely, why don’t you do it?

You can’t stop the blockchain at all, you have no possibility, if you have strict legislation,the people will choose not to cooperate with the government

If you legislate to give everyone an opportunity to spend a certain amount of money

Now it’s 2% in the UKwhich is called a digital tax

The United States wants levy 5% digital tax, 5% digital tax or under 5%

Brothers and sisters, if it’s 5%, it’s great, right?

Don’t exceed 5%, UK 2%, a little bit low, right?

The personal tax will definitely be around 10%, my recommendation is less than 10%

They are now at15%, I said it should be less than 10%, tax rates lower than 10% are also graded

It is digital consumption, there is no tax, it’s this tax rate when you exchange for fiat currency

Think about it, we have only 1 billion coins now, 2 billion coins next year, 3 billion coins the follow next year

3 billion coins, they will be disappeared in the payment system of the world

I grabbed a handful of flour and threw them into the sea, Can you find those flour? Never

But if you can find any flour, this flour will not be flour no more, but become diamonds

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