Miles Whistleblowing 12.05.2021: In Current Situation in Asia, Only US and CCP Insiders can Overthrow CCP

Written by: Naughty(文行)

Translated by: billwilliam

Source: GTV

Despite bluffing statements from former PM Shinzo Abe, Japan still dares not help Taiwan to fight against CCP invasion. Only the United States and CCP insiders can overthrow the CCP.


During his live broadcast on December 5, 2021, Mr. Miles Guo analyzed the current situation in Asia from economic, political, and military perspectives.

As Mr. Guo noted, the relationship among Japan, Australia, and the United States is completely different from the relationship between Europe and the United States. Most of Australia’s interests are in Asia. Japan used to be the number one power in Asia and is now the number two economic power. Strictly speaking, Japan is number two in military strength but is as strong as Communist China. 

Based on this relationship, attitudes toward the Chinese Communist Party, and the issue of Taiwan, China and Russia cannot be friends forever. Alliance with Russia will always hurt the Chinese people in the end. Yet the American people have almost no conflict of interest with the Chinese.  

1. Analysis from an economic perspective

The United States plans to use the economic nuke to sanction the CCP by cutting it off the SWIFT banking payment system, yet its overprinting of money leads to inflation and economic recession. Now the CCP wants to attack first by requiring all trade partners to accept the CCP’s digital currency and to stop using the US dollar. This will inevitably lead to a sharp rise in the RMB, a plunge in the US dollar, and a crash of the US stock market.

Ninety percent of the oil imported by Japan comes from the Middle East and Africa, and Japan’s energy supply and trade will be completely destroyed if it declares war against Communist China. Japan is now actively seeking cooperation with Russia, even Pakistan, North Korea, and India.

Sixty to seventy percent of Australia’s economy comes from Asia, especially with Taiwan, so Australia must put its economic interests first.

 2. Analysis from the political and military perspectives

In terms of Asian affairs, Australia’s military force is basically for show-off, and Japan recruits Australia to fill out the numbers. Even if Australia sends in troops, it is no match for the CCP.

While Japan recruits Australia’s support, the United States may not defend Japan. The United States hides in the back and recruits Japan to challenge Communist China because the United States wants to retain its position as the leader but fears Communist China may ditch the US dollar. In turn, Japan will take advantage of the opportunity to negotiate terms with the United States. Japan will demand to join the United Nations Security Council, to convert its self-defense forces into regular military forces, and to be allowed to develop nuclear weapons—this will be the outcome.

While Shinzo Abe was in office, he did not provide any significant help to Taiwan. He instead appeased the CCP. His political stance emboldened Xi Jinping to treat Taiwan in this way today. In addition, because Trump vetoed the Trans-Pacific Partnership, this led to the CCP’s dominance in Asia.

According to Mr. Guo’s estimate, Japan’s statement is completely bluffing. Japan will definitely betray Taiwan’s interests if the CCP offers to make a deal with Japan. In fact, Japan doesn’t have any chance if something happens to Taiwan.

Mr. Guo emphasized that the crux of all Taiwan’s problems stem from within: from the internal traitors, from the Taiwanese government’s eagerness for quick success and small gains, and from not allowing the Taiwanese people to tell the truth. Nobody dares to discuss in detail Taiwan’s foreign relationship.

By analyzing all of the arguments above, Mr. Guo pointed out that only the United States and insiders of the CCP can overthrow the Chinese Communist Party.

Source: 文贵大直播12.5.2021郭先生分析目前亚洲形势 指出只有美国和中共自己才能灭共

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