GT Online: CCP will be Judged in Trial When Truth of Flight MH370 Crash is Announced

Written by: Ping

Translated by: billwilliam

As recently reported by Channel Seven News in Australia, British aviation engineer Richard Godfrey released a report on November 30, stating that he employed a revolutionary tracking technology to find out the debris of Malaysia Airlines passenger flight MH370. He said the plane crashed into the Indian Ocean at a point 1993 km west of Perth and is currently located at 4000 meters below sea level. The release of this news once again ignited hopes among the victims’ families to find the remains of their loved ones.

It’s been more than seven years since the disappearance of flight MH370 on March 8, 2014. Every family member of the missing persons is in pain. At this time, Godfrey’s finding the crash location of the aircraft may provide some solace to the families of the victims.

During his live broadcast, Mr. Miles Guo answered questions about when the truth and details of Malaysia Airlines flight MH370 will come out. Mr. Guo indicated the truth will be announced to the world before long to bring justice for the crash victims and their families. As he affirmed, the air disaster is related to Jiang Mianheng (son of former Chairman Jiang Zemin) and Meng Jianzhu (former Secretary of Political and Legal Affairs Commission) who are involved in organ transplant deals, and kidney transplant surgeons are among the victims of the crash. Jiang Mianheng and his family have undergone organ transplants multiple times, while the family members of Meng Jianzhu’s sister also used organs from live organ harvesting. To cover up the practice of murdering and live organ harvesting, the Chinese Communist Party used hacking technology to control flight MH370 to crash.

Heavens will punish the rich and powerful who commit murders. We must overthrow the Chinese Communist Party that treats human lives as nothing and tries to maximize personal profits. As Mr. Guo revealed, the CCP surpasses the mafia in terms of evilness. The regime has murdered countless people in Xinjiang, Falungong practitioners, and young people for live organ harvesting, which has formed a supply chain in China. Media reports that Fan Jia, an organ transplant surgeon in Communist China, has successfully performed 3000 cases of organ transplants in twenty years. This is just one transplant surgeon.

The organ transplant experts on flight MH370 must know about the secrets of organ transplants by CCP elites. Insiders also reveal that live organ harvesting is done without anesthetics for the victims to preserve the organs’ bioactivity. The horror of this practice is diabolical. In the organ transplants involving their families or Jiang himself, Jiang Mianheng and Meng Jianzhu committed murders for live organ harvesting. However, justice will come. The truth of the flight MH370 crash will be revealed one day; victims of the crash and their families will get justice.

We firmly believe that the date when the truth of flight MH370 is announced to the world will be the date when the CCP will be on trial.


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