Macau: The Sin City of the Chinese Communist Party

Translated by: MOS Finance Team – Xia

On December 1, Mr. Miles Guo pointed out in his live broadcast that Macau is the criminal capital of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) and also an important port for the CCP to make illegal deals with the evil forces of the world.

澳门赌博业修法咨询为何导致华尔街和香港博彩股大面积暴跌- BBC News 中文
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Mr. Miles Guo mentioned that the actual control behind the killings, prison breaks, drug trafficking, smuggling, gambling, money laundering, and the sale of human organs in Macau is the CCP. This is the CCP’s usual way to illegally rule the country, steal people’s money, and then try to dominate the world.

Mr. Miles Guo revealed that the gaming industry in Macau has been the main way for the CCP’s power elite to legally launder money. In Macau casinos, internal staff are wearing cufflinks that are actually high-definition cameras, thus achieving absolute control of gambling by the CCP elite.  More importantly, these powerful elite can make huge profits and transfer all the illegal funds out of China.

On November 26, Chaohua Zhou was arrested in Macau, and Macau’s gaming industry has also been hit hard by this. Mr. Guo revealed that on one hand, this indicates that the CCP is trying to close the channel for powerful capital to continue to transfer funds overseas to further pursue the plundering of wealth. On the other hand, it also indicates that the internal political struggle of the CCP has intensified.

Mr. Miles Guo also said that there will be evidence that the CCP transferred huge amounts of illegal wealth from Macau to overseas. This wealth will eventually be returned to the Chinese people. 

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