Lithuania boycotts Beijing Winter Olympics, neither president nor ministers will attend

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The picture shows Lithuanian President Gitanas Nauseda. (Timothy A. Clary-Pool/Getty Images)

Amidst the voices of global democracy countries boycotting the Beijing Winter Olympics(BWO), Lithuania has confirmed that President Gitanas Nauseda and other ministerial officials will not attend the BWO.

The Lithuanian National Radio and Television (LRT) reported on December 2 that in less than 100 days before the BWO, some Lithuanian parliamentarians increased their appeals to other politicians, the country’s Olympic Committee and athletes and urge them to boycott the BWO.

Last month, 17 congressmen from the ruling coalition wrote a joint letter calling on politicians, the National Olympic Committee and athletes to boycott the BWO. They believe that this level of sports events should not be held in authoritarian countries that persecute human rights and use sports to whitewash their image.

“We call on the president, the government and all Lithuanian politicians to boycott the Chinese (CCP) Olympics, not to participate in the opening and closing ceremonies, and not to send any official national delegations.” The lawmakers also called on athletes to “show their civic stand” and refrain from participating in those ” puppet show under the command of an authoritarian regime.”

The representative of President Nauseda announced in an interview with LRT that the President does not intend to participate in the BWO. Foreign Minister Gabrielius Landsbergis also stated that he would take the same position. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs told LRT, “The Minister of Foreign Affairs will not participate in the BWO. As far as we know, officials from the Lithuanian government will not participate either.”

The Minister of Education, Science and Sports of Lithuania, Jurgita Šiugždinienė, also announced her decision not to participate in the BWO.

However, the Lithuanian National Olympic Committee (LTOK) does not agree with athletes boycotting the BWO, believing that sports “cannot be confused with politics.” In addition, the organization fears that this will lead to Beijing’s sanctions on Lithuania.

This week, the International Women’s Tennis Association (WTA) announced its decision to suspend China-Hong Kong events, pushing the global boycott of the BWO to a new high. Western public opinion and observers generally agree with this, from well-known tennis players to human rights activists support.

The British “Times” revealed that members of the “Five Eyes Alliance” are actively discussing a diplomatic boycott of the BWO, and the three countries may take joint action. US President Joe Biden confirmed on November 18 that the United States is considering a diplomatic boycott of the BWO.

Commentary: If you have any fear to CCP, you’ve done and CCP’s will crush you all the way. The only way to guard our core value is to stand up to the totalitarian regime. It is not the game that CCP invited you to play, it is the glory of communist regime CCP wants to demonstrate to you whether or not you like it politic, it’s not up to you athletes, it’s nothing but CCP’s political show.

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