Dissatisfaction is high, Hong Kong’s quarantine policy pushes Cathay Pacific pilots to a “critical point”

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Agence France-Presse (“AFP”) reported on the 2nd December, that Hong Kong’s strict quarantine measures have dissatisfied many crew members, and Cathay Pacific has seen a wave of pilot resignations. Profile picture. (Song Bilong/The Epoch Times)

“AFP” reported on the 2nd that Hong Kong’s strict quarantine measures have dissatisfied many crew members. Several HK Cathay Pacific pilots said that more than a dozen pilots have resigned in the past few weeks, even if they have not resigned, they have already started looking for job opportunities and positions overseas.

AFP interviewed four Cathay Pacific pilots who requested anonymity. Everyone said that among their colleagues, more than a dozen pilots had resigned in the past few weeks. More and more people are applying for jobs in areas that have turned to a “coexistence with the virus” policy.

Isolation causes profound psychological harm

Earlier, Cathay Pacific fired three confirmed pilots because they left the hotel room during their stay in Frankfurt, which violated the company’s regulations. Subsequently, the HK government asked about 130 crew members and nearly 270 family members to enter the government isolation camp.

The pilot interviewed told AFP that the quarantine regulations have caused profound psychological harm to the crew and their families.

A pilot who is engaged in commercial flight said that due to quarantine restrictions, he has been unable to see his family overseas for more than 20 months. But in order to maintain a fixed income, he had to keep flying.

“I love Hong Kong, but if we don’t plan a way out, the question becomes, what am I doing here?” He said, “I can’t stand it for another year.”

Pilots worry that Hong Kong will face more operational risks

Some pilots interviewed worry that Hong Kong is one of the busiest transportation hubs in Asia and will face many operational risks in the future.

Due to Hong Kong’s quarantine arrangements, the American logistics company FedEx decided to close its crew base in Hong Kong and began relocating Hong Kong crews last month. After some crew members were quarantined by the government, British Airways also decided to temporarily cancel flights to Hong Kong for a few days to reduce the risk of more crew members being subject to mandatory quarantine.

“Once airlines transfer infrastructure such as technicians, ground crews and pilots from Hong Kong to Seoul and Bangkok, trust me, they will never come back again,” said an interviewed pilot.

Commentary: Instead of the isolation of pandemic caused the flee of Cathay Pacific crew and Fedex relocation, it is indeed due to the fact that Hong Kong is no longer a free hub, but under CCP’s regime.

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