The First Merchant in Taiwan to Adopt the Himalaya Pay System Has Emerged

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The first merchant in Taiwan to adopt the Himalaya Pay system.

On December 2 local time, the Taiwan area succeeded in securing the first merchant — ESONSTORE INTERNATIONAL CROP — to adopt the Himalaya Pay (H-Pay) System after multiple efforts by friends of Taiwan Farm.

The merchant is known to sell Supreme Da Yu Ling Mountain tea from a tea garden owned by a member of the Whistleblower Movement. Meanwhile, the merchant has reserved 50,000g of tea exclusively for friends of the Whistleblower Movement to purchase via the H-Pay System. Moreover, the merchant offers to send the items directly to its customers all over the world. According to Gettr news, Mr. Hao Haidong has placed an order after receiving the information, becoming the first customer to experience the H-Pay System.

Currently, the merchant expects to open pre-orders in January 2022 for spring tea produced next May. Please stay tuned on Gettr for more information.

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