Five Cases of Omicron Variant Virus Found in New York, Again by Mr. Miles Guo

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After the Minnesota Department of Health announced on the morning of Dec. 2 that the state’s first confirmed case of the new variant of Omicron virus had traveled to New York City, New York Gov. Kathy Hochul and Mayor Blasio then announced at a press conference that afternoon that five confirmed cases had been identified in New York, according to the Epoch Times on Dec. 3.

The timing of the cases of the new variant of Omicron in New York coincided exactly with the time Mr. Miles Guo projected back on Wednesday.

According to reports, Governor Hochul said the five cases of Omicron variant virus infection currently confirmed in New York State are one person from Brooklyn, two from Queens, one from Suffolk County, Long Island, and a traveler whose identity is yet to be confirmed.

Image from The Epoch Times

The first confirmed case of infection in New York State is a 67-year-old woman from Suffolk County, Long Island, according to Hochul. She had recently returned to New York from South Africa and subsequently developed mild symptoms such as headache and cough. The woman had been vaccinated.

Hochul also said that although there is no more information yet, it is estimated that more cases will follow.

Previously, on November 29, Mr. Miles Guo had stated in his Gettr video that according to the information he had, Omicron was a virus released again by the Chinese Communist Party. The Chinese Communist Party actually released the virus in the U.S. West (including Hawaii) and South America, and the new virus will soon appear in the U.S. East and Canada.

Mr. Guo projected at the time that the virus would land in the U.S. East within 48 hours after Thanksgiving, which coincided with the time reported in the news above.

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