12/03/2021 Summary of Mr.Miles Guo live broadcasting from GTV.org

1.Vaccination injured and death people in mainland China is 1500 times higher than in Taiwan. Major vaccination symptom of elderly people in mainland China is cancer. Females get high rate uterine cancer and breast cancer. Young people have a higher death rate.

2. Children in China are forced to take vaccines. Those children get cellular mutation and early puberty.

3. New variation Omicron has high transmission rate, but the death rate is almost zero.

4. Vaccination passport is not the purpose. Killing and racial hatred are the purpose.

5. Two wonderful news: A. Except for the digital bank license issued by a European country, we got another U.S. bank with a digital banking licence. B. We got a casino license of UK which is the top level casino of the world with the legal right to gamble on sports games and digital currency.

6. CCP has had more frequent interactions with the Russian government recently. A. They planned how to take down Taiwan and Ukraine at the same time. B. Russian destroyed all vaccines from the CCP. And the CCP and Russian government get ready for world economic disaster and war with the world.

7. Italian top fashion brand Mandelli planned to give representative rights to G-Fashion  across America.

8. Under serious regulation of west counties, the existing rate of decentralized digital currency is almost zero. Bitcoin could disappear overnight.

9. All old financiers of America are against digital currency now.  Series regulation rules will be released next, it could make digital currency disappear even.  It’s aiming to control capital of normal people. Traditional financial world order is controlled by the political and military force of the world. If digital financial order replaces traditional financial rule, all traditional “Swamp” will disappear, be replaced by new powers.

10. The purpose of Beidaihe meeting: A. build political alliance. B. As usual, the current general secretary must visit retired standing committee members, listen to their complaints. It is crucial time to decide political standing with whom.

11. MH370 incident has definite relation with Meng Jianzhu, Jiang Mianheng and witness killing.

12.The laydown coin was ready to launch 3 weeks ago. We are waiting a time with political significance. The recipients are people who take down CCP inside and outside of mainland China.

13.Highest level of “Catch money from air” is that people are rushing to give your money.

14.Mainland China will enter a new “great leap forward” era next year. Fellow fighters must get ready for it.

Chinese version writer: Wen Jun

Translator: Curiosity

Posted by: Maarago

Disclaimer: This article only represents the author’s view. Gnews is not responsible for any legal risks.

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