12/03/2021 China Insight

  1. December 2nd, Nanchong, Sichuan Province. A driver of a telecommunication van was suspected of driving under alcohol influence and caused a traffic accident. Unable to escape in time,the driver was trapped in the car and burned to death.
  2. December 2nd, Qianshan, Anhui Province. A bus collided with a truck and caused 8 deaths and 3 injuries. 
  3. November 29, Zhoukou, Henan Province. A car was speeding out of control and crashed into a crowd, causing a serious traffic accident, resulting in 2 deaths and 4 injuries.
  4. December 1st, Guangzhou, Guandong. An electric car ignited itself. The driver was lucky to escape in time but suffered various degrees of burns all over his body.
  5. December 1st,  Shuyang, Jiangsu province. A storehouse of a liquor factory caught fire. 700 square meters of area was engulfed in the fire and the steel-concrete structured warehouse collapsed.
  6. November 30th. Yibin, Sichuan. A shooting incident occurred in the village. A villager assaulted the police and was shot dead. 
  7. December 1st, Hefei, Anhui. A 15-month old baby boy was taken secretly on the top of the building by another woman from the neighborhood and thrown off the roof. The baby did not survive the rescue.
  8. November 29th, Wuhan, Hubei. The internet exposed that a mother went insane while tutoring her child with homework. She chopped her 7-year old son with a kitchen knife and then killed herself. 
  9. November 30th, Xi’an, Shanxi. An educational institution took away millions of tuition fees and went missing. Parents of the students : they were still charging fees right before they ran away. 
  10. November 30th. Changchun, Jilin Province. A driver suspected that the gas station charged him the wrong number of litres of gas and the onsite-measurement showed it was nearly 100ml difference per liter. The gas station manager told him to “you can look for anybody that can sort this out.”
  11. November 29, Nanchang Jiangxi. At a children’s hospital, a doctor was exposed to catching up on TV shows while receiving patients. 

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