GT Online: The Disabled in Communist China are More Than 85 Million

Written by Potato

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As reported by UC on Dec 3, 2021, there are more than 85 million people with disabilities in Communist China, including at least 8.2 million people with mental disabilities.

According to statistics, more than 70% of the disabled population in Communist China are acquired disabilities. Among them, more than 17 million are visually disabled, more than 24 million are physically disabled, about 27.8 million are hearing disabled, and more than 30 million are speech disabled. December 3 is the International Day of Persons with Disabilities, and the CCP media calls on everyone to accept, respect, and care for people with disabilities.

Seventy percent of them are not born to be disabled, so are they caused by tainted milk powder, toxic vaccines, and unsafe work injuries? Is mental disability caused by the pressure of social life in Communist China? The CCP statistics are never accurate and always cover the truth, so the number of disabled people must be more than 85 million in China, let alone 6 months later when more people who are COVID vaccinated get disabled and even death? By then the number of the disabled could reach hundreds of millions, a true disaster!

People like me who live overseas found that there are more people with disabilities in western countries than in Communist China. Why? Because in Communist China, people with disabilities are afraid to go out, many cities have blind alleys that are just for show, often occupied by illegal regulations, imperfect public facilities that make it difficult for them to walk, they also feel disrespected by the strange looks of onlookers. And in Western countries, public places have accessible elevators and passages, a board by the door of the bus will be lowered to facilitate wheelchair boarding and alighting, parking lots reserve the most convenient parking spaces for people with disabilities…everyone is respected which is a common thing seen in every day by most of the citizens in a civilized country.

Caring for the disabled in Communist China is just propaganda to tell the “good” CCP story. The fact is in Communist China people don’t even respect and care for the elderly, children, and women, such an evil regime can only be changed by taking down the CCP!



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