Trial of Hong Kong Democracy Activists Charged With So-Called “Subversion of State Power”

Translated by: MOS Education Team – Wintermfall

On Nov 29, 47 Hong Kong democracy campaigners appeared again at the court after the proceedings were adjourned twice.

These democrats were arrested on charges of participating in an unofficial, Non-binding and independently organized primary vote last year, which CCP-controlled Hong Kong government says was a vicious plot to subvert the government. Since March this year, most of them have been detained. So far, only 14 defendants have been released on bail, and another 33 of them have continued to be remanded in custody.

According to the source, these 47 activists organized and participated in a primary on July 2020 to maximize the chance for the pro-democracy group to achieve the “35+” majority in the Legislative Council. Despite of the national security law threats, over 600,000 Hong Kong citizens took part and the election was in prefect order.

However, in January this year, the Hong Kong police suddenly searched and arrested persons participating in the primaries of the pro-democracy camp, which led to many pro-democracy activists being imprisoned or forced to exile overseas. Afterwards, the 47 were accused by CCP -controlled Hong Kong government of taking part in a conspiracy to commit subversion. As for the trial this time, it is the third interrogation for these democrats. They could face up to life imprisonment if convicted by the High Court. 

Some media commented that the CCP has implanted totalitarianism into Hong Kong`s open society. and many were pessimistic towards the future of judicial independence and democracy in Hong Kong.


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