Himalaya Fed Reserve to Receive Digital Banking Licenses Soon

Translated by: MOS Translation Team – Laniakea

On Dec 1, Miles Guo announced the great news regarding Himalaya Fed Reserve’s digital banking license to his fellow fighters in a live broadcast.

Miles Guo revealed that Himalaya Fed Reserve’s first digital banking license will be authorized in an European country, followed by a second license to come true through an acquisition in the US.

Miles Guo mentioned that an European country, one of the top three financial states globally, had called three weeks ago to indicate its decision to grant a digital banking license to Himalaya Fed Reserve and complete its internal review within three weeks. The license documents have already been signed, and the full approval process will take about four weeks.

Also, Miles Guo noted that good news for Himalaya Fed Reserve has not just ended here. Himalaya Fed Reserve has almost completed negotiations for the acquisition of an American company that holds a digital banking license. According to Miles Guo, the acquisition will require the participants of 11 funds to inject investing funds, including 5 to 7 funds from fellow fighters with significant contributions, and they will all directly own 5% to 10% of the bank’s stock.

Miles Guo explained that the digital banking license is a bridge connecting digital currencies and local fiat currencies and that licensed digital currencies will no longer need intermediary banks. Therefore, receiving digital banking licenses from sovereign countries carries great significance for Himalaya Fed Reserve and will bring immeasurable value.

Reference: 喜联储数字银行牌照即将落地

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