The Communist China Government Banned the Winter Olympic Athletes from Entering Beijing due to the COVID-19 Pandemic Resurgence

Translated by: MOS Translation Team – Ayu

On December 1, local time, according to the CCP (Chinese Communist Party) media reports, in the past day, there were 113 new confirmed cases of COVID-19 infection in Communist China, 91 of which were local cases, and related cases were all located in Hulunbeier, Inner Mongolia.

In this regard, some reports mentioned that even if the 2022 Winter Olympics is about to be held, the CCP still prohibits the foreign athletes from entering Beijing – they are currently on standby in Zhangjiakou.

Some mainland people claimed that the CCP has taken stricter epidemic prevention measures to ensure that the Winter Olympics will be held as scheduled. It is reported that it is easy for Beijing residents to go outbound, but hard to  return inbound. Before returning from other places, people must first go to the community to report and present a negative test certificate for the new Covid virus within 48 hours and the Beijing health code. At the same time, the local residential coordinators  in  Beijing communities will knock doors one-by-one to ask whether the residents have been vaccinated against the COVID-19 virus. What’s more, express packages from or to “medium-risk areas” defined by the Chinese Communist Party are also prohibited from entering Beijing.

Commentators said in response that the CCP does not care about people’s feelings  when applying force isolation and blockade at every turn at preventing  the epidemic. Some people also complained that in the northern cold winter weather, since the outbreak of the epidemic, the CCP’s policy has been closing communities and doors, applying controls and restrictions, which has brought huge inconvenience to the production and life of the people.

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