The Italian Government Warned the Power Outages Risk across Europe

Translated by: MOS Translation Team – Ayu

On November 30, local time, the Italian Minister of Economic Development delivered a speech in Rome. He said that based on the current European energy supply system, the possibility of power outages cannot be ruled out at the moment across Europe. In this regard, Italian Prime Minister Mario Draghi, also reiterated that the government must be prepared to deal with the impact of soaring energy prices on consumers.

It is understood that the COVID-19 mandatory vaccination policy has recently been implemented in various parts of Europe. But this has also made the COVID-19 pandemic more serious in the region, which has caused the European electricity price to break through the historical peak. Therefore, the Italian Minister of Ecological Transformation stated that before March next year, Italy needs to know how to respond to various emergencies. This applies to all other regions of Europe.

Regarding the concerns of European governments, Miles Guo, the initiator of the Whistleblower Movement, earlier issued a warning that the COVID-19 vaccine was the result of a collusion between the CCP and the dark forces. The severity of secondary disasters such as the disruption of the supply chain and the financial collapse brought about by the COVID-19 vaccine will be beyond imagination. Miles has repeatedly urged the world not to vaccinate the COVID-19 vaccines, and he warned  that we must fully prepare for crises such as power outages and water cuts.

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