U.S. Official Says Communist China’s Economic War on Australia Failed Miserably

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The Chinese Communist Party’s attempt to overwhelm and subjugate Australia through economic warfare has failed miserably, said U.S. White House Coordinator for Indo-Pacific Policy Campbell at a forum organized by Australia’s Roy Institute for International Policy on Dec. 1. In addition, the Chinese authorities are now even trying to restore normal relationships with Australia.

Campbell mentioned that in September this year, Australia, the United Kingdom and the United States announced a new security alliance, reflecting the international community’s deep concern about the CCP’s coercive behavior and the determination of different countries to unite against the CCP.

As one of the members who participated in the virtual meeting with Biden and Xi, Campbell revealed that Biden uncovered in that videoconference the numerous coercive actions taken by the CCP in the commercial and military spheres, which have spawned alliances and security cooperation among democratic countries.

Ultimately, Campbell emphasized, the CCP is fundamentally afraid of countries that have the strength and fortitude to work together.

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