Hong Kong stocks fell to a new low during this year, and the Chinese Communist Party’s economy is unsustainable

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On November 30, local time, according to relevant media sources, the Hong Kong stock market fell sharply again that day, and the Hang Seng Index once fell by more than 600 points, creating a record low in 14 months.

Regarding the follow-up trend of Hong Kong stocks, Hong Kong financial experts are unanimously pessimistic. They recommend that investors must be prepared to “fight and retreat”. Related sources also analyzed that the continued decline of Hong Kong stocks stems from deeply structured problems, and the overall market will continue to show a downward trend in the future. This person predicts that Hong Kong’s economy will eventually experience a period of economic confusion like Japan.

The analyst also said that the Hong Kong stock market is the only stock market in Communist China that is directly linked to the U.S. dollar. Therefore, the collapse of Hong Kong stocks is actually a true portrait of the Communist China economy. Analysts mentioned that at the time, the CCP’s real estate bubble had reached the limit that it may burst at any time. At the same time, the CCP has long relied on intensive processing industries; the “blood with sweat economy ” is also difficult to sustain in the CCP’s continuous poisoning and control. As for the future of Hong Kong stocks, industry insiders even shouted: “Hong Kong stocks are dead.”

In this regard, Miles Guo pointed out in the live stream that the collapse of the Hong Kong stock market predicted the crushing of the Chinese Communist Party’s economy.

Reference: 港股跌至年内新低,中共经济难以为继

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