More Than Half of Americans Regard the Chinese Communist Party as the Greatest Threat

Translated by: MOS Translation Team – tang777

On Dec. 1, according to media sources, a survey by the Reagan Institute in the United States stated that more than half of Americans believed that the CCP was the greatest threat to the United States.

Recently, the survey mentioned, most of the supporters within the two parties in the United States are worried about the outbreak of war between the United States and the Chinese Communist Party. For this reason, 44% of Democrats and 64% of Republicans regard the CCP as the most threat. According to data from 2018 cited in the report, only 21% of Americans at that time viewed the CCP as a threat.

Analysts pointed out that the first factor that the US parties are most worried about today is economic matters. Among them, some Republicans regard the CCP’s military expansion and coercion as the second main factor, while Democrats believe that the CCP has seriously trampled on human rights. At the same time, these concerns have an important impact on the potential military conflict between the United States and Communist China.

Reference: 超过半数美国人视中共为最大威胁

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