Tsai Congratulates Castro on Her Election, Honduran Diplomatic Moves Under Scrutiny

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The results of the Honduran general election came out on Wednesday (Dec. 1), Deutsche Welle reported on Dec. 2. Xiomara Castro, the candidate of the opposition party, was confirmed to be elected as the first female president in the history of Honduras. Taiwan President Ing-wen Tsai congratulated her.

President Ing-wen Tsai tweeted in Spanish, “Congratulations to Castro on her election as President of Honduras. I look forward to working together for the well-being of our people and the deepening of relations between Taiwan and Honduras.”

Castro then reposted the tweet and replied, “Thank you very much President Ing-wen Tsai.”

Castro is the presidential candidate of the left-wing opposition party “Liberty Union”. She herself had previously stated that she would break off diplomatic relations with Taiwan and switch to the Chinese Communist Party after her election. But last week, one of her core staff members told the media that Castro has not yet made a final decision.

Image from Deutsche Welle Chinese website

A U.S. delegation visited Honduras and made clear to the two leading presidential candidates that Washington wants Honduras to maintain long-term diplomatic relations with Taiwan, according to a senior State Department official who asked not to be named last month. The official also revealed that Washington had warned Honduras of the risks of establishing diplomatic relations with the Chinese Communist Party.

Current Honduran President Hernandez paid a visit to Taiwan in November. The visit was intended to allay fears of unstable diplomatic relations between Taiwan and Honduras and to send a strong message of support for Taiwan.

It is reported that the inauguration ceremony of the new president of Honduras is scheduled to be held in January next year.

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