The Italian Political System Is Massively Influenced By The CCP

Dec. 2nd 2021

A man walks past a bus with a message supporting Italy in their efforts against the COVID-19 coronavirus in Hangzhou in China’s eastern Zhejiang Province on March 24, 2020. (STR/AFP via Getty Images)

In a story by The Epoch Times on December 1st, 2021, it talks about the massive influence that the CCP has in the daily political life in Italy, the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) aims to sway and lean on Italian leaders and prominent figures so as to shape policy and public opinion in its favour, says a new report. The CCP’s activities in Italy are part of a broader plan to expand the party’s influence globally, says the report published on November  20th  by researchers at Sinopsis, a project by non-profit AcaMedia z.u., in collaboration with the Department of Sinology at Charles University in Prague—and the Global Committee for the Rule of Law “Marco Pannella”.

 The report, titled “Hijacking the mainstream,” delves into the CCP’s foreign agencies and its operations to influence Italian politics from the national to the municipal level, targeting members of Parliament, political parties, officials, as well as leading figures from the media and think tanks. This has been standard procedure for many years as the authoritarian regime has always used its enormous propaganda machine to try to influence politicians that their way is the best way, well it may be the best way for the politicians who can be bought but it is never the best way for the rest of the world.

In an attempt to offset Chinese influence, Sinopsis recommended that the Italian government and political parties avoid interaction with CCP agencies, and reject exchanges or agreements with Chinese counterparts that focus on propaganda or attempt to co-opt leaders. The investigative group also advises parliamentarians against participation in “China friendship” groups connected to CCP’s agencies and recommends they decline invitations from such agencies. They also argue in favor of investigating CCP influence operations and legislating to resist foreign interference.

It seems that almost everyone is well aware of the Chinese states intention to infiltrate foreign political institutions, but as long as some politicians are likely to be influenced and bought, the communist regime will always be there with their massive amounts of cash to pay off and bribe any politician that shows interest in either sympathising with the communist way of life or simply wants to be rich.

for more information about this story please click the link: Report Exposes Chinese Influence in Italian Politics

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