While Sportsmen Collapsed, Ivermectin Continues To be Suppressed

Less than a year into the roll-out of mass Covid-19 vaccination programmes, there was an unusual trend of athletes collapsing on field during training or competition.

Video from: Gtranslators

There was no explanation provided by the so-called health authorities – the World Health Organisation and the US CDC – on this strange and tragic phenomenon.

This is despite the various warnings by brave doctors who spoke up against the experimental Covid-19 jabs and the potential to cause adverse reactions including blood clots which can trigger cardiac arrests.

In contrast, there remains significant animosity by the same health authorities against cheap and safe generic medicine with decades-long safety record, Ivermectin for example.

One example of such suppression is in the case of a 71-year-old man, Sun Ng, who was repeatedly denied Ivermectin until his daughter obtained a court order mandating the hospital to allow him usage of the cheap, antiparasitic drug. Ng made a completely recovery after just one treatment cycle of Ivermectin. Read the story here.

The question to ask is: Why are the obvious abnormalities following the implementation of mass vaccination program ignored, while the same health authorities overreact to physicians’ off-label use of a safe generic drug to treat their patients who have a Covid-19 infection?

Does it look like some parties in control of the world, simply do not want this pandemic to end?


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