“Omi Keron” Variant Symptoms are Used to Mask Vaccine Side Effects

Translated by: MOS  Education Team – Winsun

According to a foreign media report on November 28, the Botswana government announced that four fully vaccinated people were infected with “Omi Keron”. One of the symptoms of this virus variant includes heart-related complications, such as heart failure, arrhythmia,  Heart inflammation and blood clots.

The symptoms listed above happen to be one of the main side effects of the vaccine.  In 2021, the deaths of FIFA players due to sudden cardiac death and unknown causes have increased by 5 times.  Since December 2020, 183 professional athletes and coaches have suddenly fallen and 108 of them have died.

According to the media, bureaucrats are already using the “Omi Keron” variant to cover up the rapid increase in heart disease deaths among vaccinators; Some athletes have begun to openly question the mainstream media’s misleading cover-up of deaths from cardiac complications caused by vaccines.

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