12/01/2021 China Insight

  1. November 30, Ledong, Hainan. A man committed suicide by jumping off a building after killing his two children.
  2. November 30, Chengdu, Sichuan. The 51-year-old man was involved in a tragic car accident on the way to pick up his granddaughter. His vehicle rushed to the bus station, causing 1 death and 4 injuries.
  3. November 29th, Shanghai. The car did not stop after a rear-end collision. Other drivers found him unwell and was unable to move.
  4. It is suspected that a child has symptoms of lymphadenopathy 13 days after being vaccinated with the COVID-19 vaccine.
  5. November 30, a fire broke out in a building under construction in Hengyang, Hunan. Smoke billowed at the scene, and the whole building was surrounded by flames.
  6. The water source river of the Gaogenfang River Dam in Qionglai City, Sichuan Province was polluted by a large amount of discharged sewage, and the clear river turned into dirty water.
  7. The “famous” Yuzhou Bridge in Xinyu, Jiangxi, which has a sidewalk that is difficult for people to walk. The urban planning and construction are absurd.
  8. November 29, Fuzhou, Jiangxi. The staffs in the government office hall are organizing morning training, while many people waiting to deal with affairs on the other side. Ridiculous the CCP’s formalism.
  9. The Communist China’s social security system has suffered serious deficits. Recently, it has “opened up” a wave of social security repurchases to the society to deceive the money in the people’s pockets. People do not know that these will be social security scams that will never be honored.
  10. This is the poor people in the Communist China, who are reluctant to eat in the hospital. They only eat one sesame cake for each. The man kept wiping his tears!
  11. The hospital lobby is overcrowded, and citizens ridiculed that there will never be a shortage of “consumption.”

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