11/30/2021 China Insight

  1. November 28, People’s Hospital of Longchang, Sichuan. A 67-year-old inpatient jumped off a building and died after chopping a doctor and a patient.
  2. November 28, Congjiang County, Southeast Guizhou. A fire broke out in a theater, and the flames flooded the sky to reflect the red night sky. Witnesses said the fire had lasted for two days and nights.
  3. November 29, the police responded to the incident of vice principal beating students at school in Hainan. On the 23rd, a video exposed that the vice principal of Dongfang Siyuan School was beating students with plastic pipes and pouring water on their faces.
  4. In November, a construction site worker in Shanghai was owed wages by his
  5. boss, then he threatened the boss for wages with the work’s own life.
  6. November 29, Jiamusi, Heilongjiang. The female civil servant assaulted her 79-year-old mother and was detained by the police for 15 days.
  7. The man dragged the old man onto the wheelchair, then pulled off the old man’s mask, pinched his face, and slapped him.
  8. November 27th, Tianmen, Hubei. The school’s tap water was turbid and yellow, and the students complained repeatedly. The school’s response: You can go to the United States to study, where the water is clean.
  9. At five o’clock in the morning when filled with fog, students from Hengshui Middle School, known as the “Super Middle School” and “Big Mac of the College Entrance Examination,” screamed brainwashing slogans and rushed to the classroom to study.
  10. Merchants complain that there are more staff in the supervision department than pedestrians on the streets, lamenting the hardship of the people.
  11. Citizens calculate the repayment composition of their mortgages The interest and miscellaneous expenses of the three-year repayment to the bank are much higher than the house payment itself.
  12. November 26, the Public Security Bureau of Nanchang County, Jiangxi Province launched a special operation to rectify citizens’ dog keeping, and took to the streets to arrest dogs without leashes, together with the owners.

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