The Chinese Communist Party’s Henan Province Proposed to Establish a New Surveillance System to Control People

Translated by: MOS Finance Team – Xia

On November 30, local time, the media reported that, according to CCP documents, the Public Security Bureau of Henan Province is inviting bids to establish a new surveillance system. According to the source, the system allows the CCP to use three thousand facial recognition cameras connected to national and regional databases to track journalists, international students and so-called “suspicious people”.

According to the report, the CCP’s Neusoft Group had been awarded a contract document worth about $780,000 in September. In the contract, Neusoft Group was required to complete the construction of the new surveillance system within two months. In addition, the contract required that the cameras in this surveillance system must be able to create profiles for people wearing masks and glasses and be able to search for targets in the database.

The report also indicates that the system will be operated by at least 2,000 Communist Party officials and police officers. They will assign journalists to corresponding regulatory levels based on their risk. If a journalist checks into a hotel, buys a ticket or does a cross-province story in Henan Province, that journalist will be warned by the CCP’s Henan government.


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