Miles Guo’s discussion on Reversal Thinking and Independent Thinking

Translated by: MOS Education Team – Freedom166k

Miles Guo discussed during the November 28th Grand Live Broadcast regarding why the complied citizens and elites are all getting the CCP virus vaccines. He emphasized how important it is that we need to have reverse thinking and independent thinking in order to clarify the essence of an issue through some phenomenon. Miles considers these so-called complied citizens and elites to be weaklings.

First of all, there is no distinguished education system under the CCP regime. People are educated with communistic thoughts and party dedication to ease off from the traditional culture. Under this education system, people have become more selfish, fearful, and dependent.

Second, there is no outstanding healthcare system, people cannot receive the proper medical treatment.

Third, those so-called complied citizens and elites are incompetent with their judgement. They are not investigating the origin of the CCP virus, not questioning the CCP virus vaccines, not holding harmful vaccines accountable, and ignoring the warnings and adverse reactions from the vaccines. Instead, they blindly believe and obey the government, fully embrace the so-called science and experts. 

Last but not least, these people kowtow to the tyranny. Some medical doctors and lawyers were vaccinated out of fear of death and yet they held their tongue even when they later discovered the truth of the deadly vaccines.

Under these environments, those who got vaccinated should be called the weaklings as now they are getting punished by depending on their survival mindset. On the other hand, those who rejected the vaccine and are willing to think independently are the wise people, they are the true elites. Yet, for those monsters that assist and promote the deadly virus and vaccines will soon be facing their own trials.

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