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  • The name of the new virus dare not homonymous with Xi;
  • End of the close relationship between CCP and central Africa countries?
  • Ukraine is a playing card of Russia.

【News 1】

The WHO named the mutant strain of the new coronavirus as “Omicron”, skipping the two letters “Nu” and “Xi”, without following the order of the Greek alphabet.


Not using “Xi” is for the fear of offending the Chinese Communist Party leader Xi Jinping and intend to cover it up.

【News 2】

The United States, Japan, Israel, Singapore, Malaysia, Canada, Australia and other countries have announced restrictions on the entry of flights and passengers from many countries in Africa. The emergence and spread of the mutant strain Omicron caused a sharp fall in the financial market on Friday. At present, dozens of countries have banned the entry of flights from southern African countries.


The main purpose of the vaccine gang to release the new virus is to: continue to advance the vaccine massacre plan, accelerate the economic collapse in many countries, plant all the coming vaccine deaths on the new virus and those who have not been vaccinated,  and create opportunities for the implementation of a more stringent blockade plan.

Vaccine gangs are well prepared for the new virus and are ready to fight, but they are trying their best to block cheap and useful drugs. The purpose is to continue to promote the vaccine massacre.

The vaccinations in south Africa currently used are Johnson and Pfizer. The President want to purchase vaccines from Russia, but was rejected by their Health Products Regulatory Authority.

Countries that are actively responding to the new virus now are all activists of the vaccine massacre.

Vaccine gangs want to promote vaccine slaughter in the African continent.

【News 3】

In recent weeks, US, NATO and Ukrainian officials have issued warnings about the unusual behavior of Russian troops to Ukraine, suggesting that Moscow may be preparing to launch attacks. Russia administration denied this accusation, and considered it was spreading fear.

The head of Ukrainian military intelligence told the Military Times last weekend that Russia had more than 92,000 soldiers assembled near the Ukrainian border and was preparing to launch an attack at the end of January or early February.

Moscow officials said that Russia did not threaten anyone and these statements were quite inflammatory, they also defended their own right to deploy troops.


Among the countries that have entanglements or connections with Russia:

Ukraine is a member of the vaccine gang, although the dose per 100 people is only 55.66 doses, they promotes the homicide vaccines: Johnson, Modena, Oxford/AstraZeneca, Pfizer, Sinovac.

Belarus vaccinated 26.9 doses per 100 people. The selected Sinopharm and Satellite 5 indicate that Belarus is in a vacillating position in the entire vaccine killing plan.

In Georgia, 53.62 doses are vaccinated per 100 people, and all the poisonous vaccines are promoted: Oxford AstraZeneca, Pfizer, Sinopharm Beijing and Sinovac.

Russia did not participate in the vaccine massacre plan, and did not use any Western or CCP vaccines. Therefore, there is almost no news of Russian deaths due to vaccination.

The 90,000 troops in the Ukrainian border can be regarded as Russia’s self-protection action in the context of the global vaccine war. Due to their different positions, Russia is facing the difficult  condition initiated by the vaccine gangs through mainstream media and economic sanctions. The Beixi 2 Program was  suspended, and the launch of hypersonic weapons is self-protection actions: don’t make Russia angry.

Just like Taiwan is a playing card of the CCP, Ukraine is also a card of Russia. Although Ukraine is Russia’s gateway to the Black Sea, this bottleneck has been solved through the Crimea Peninsula. Therefore, Russia does not want to really attack Ukraine, nor does it want to be enemies of the United States and Europe. However, not using vaccines to massacre people in the country is Putin’s bottom line.

【News 4】

The MSAR Government issued a statement on November 27, stating that the Macau police had taken the entertainment tycoon Zhou Zhuohua and other suspects, who were suspected of illegally opening casinos in the mainland, back to the police station to investigate. This action is based on reports from relevant mainland Chinese authorities and evidence obtained from previous criminal investigations.


Gray areas such as pornography, gambling, drugs, etc. were originally the leek bases raised by the CCP;

The CCP is not afraid of anyone committing a crime, they are afraid that you do not commit a crime. As long as you have the evidence of crime, the authorities can reap you as needed at any time.

The arrest of Zhou Zhuohua heralded the collapse of the entire Macau industry: although gambling is legal in Macau, behind every gambling game is the money laundering and criminal behavior of countless political and business celebrities.

【News 5】

President Tsai Ing-wen of Taiwan meet 10 parliamentarians from the three Baltic countries at the Presidential Palace on the morning of the 29th.


Taiwan and the three Baltic countries are all brothers and sisters who have experienced authoritarian persecution. They have the same historical background, and so it is easier to find resonance.

The Baltic Sea countries use action to show that Taiwan has friends in Europe and is not lonely.

Cooperating with Taiwan is better than blending with the CCP.

The CCP is the common enemy of the free world.

【News 6】

The Forum on China-Africa Cooperation, held every three years, opened in Dakar, the capital of Senegal, on November 28. The participants of this time is less, unlike previous summits that more African heads of states attended, even more than attended the UN General Assembly.


The CCP used dirty tricks bribed politicians and elites in the  African countries and tempted them to sign various unequal treaties. In fact, they are betraying the interests of these countries, and the people have not benefited.

The Belt and Road project has plunged African countries into a huge debt trap.

African foreign students enjoyed the beauty and money in China in order to use them to “tell Chinese stories well and export the CCP’s dictatorship ideology” and to cultivate pro-communist African forces.

On the one hand, the CCP uses African countries to obtain votes in the international organizations and gain the right to speak; on the other hand, it plunders African resources, destroys local environment, cheat them with empty checks, and exploits local laborers.

The golden age of the 20-year honeymoon between CCP and the Central Africa countries will be gone forever.

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