Miles Guo: COVID Vaccine Is a Shortcut in Realizing the So-called Globalism

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On the GTV Grand Live Cast of November 26, Mr. Miles Guo reiterated that releasing of the COVID-19 virus is not the objective for the Dark Forces; the vaccine is. And, the COVID vaccine is the means and pathway for the globalists to gain control and to dominate the entire world. That is, the COVID vaccine is a shortcut in realizing the so-called Globalism.

Mr. Guo said the so-called “globalism” advocates the concept of a “global village” in which every country works like a branch. Above all these branches is this “Earth (Headquarter) Government”. This is actually the outcome from the decade-long collusion between the Communist Party and the Dark Forces, who collectively orchestrated this evil plan aimed at dominating the whole world.

Mr. Guo elaborated that this “Earth Government” is geared to control all sorts of things ranging from human genes, manipulation of human minds, and controls of human’s life expectancy, sickness, and death. In the eyes of this Earth Government, out of all 7.5 billion people on the planet, 6.5 billion are as good as animals; and as long as their most basic survival needs are met, the 6.5 billion can be enslaved with ease. For this very reason, there will no longer be a need for the nature’s rule of “survival of the fittest”; rather, the rule of “on-demand elimination”, and a significant portion of the population needs to be wiped off in order to preserve natural resources. This “to-be-cleansed” group obviously includes the elderly, the sick and the handicapped.

To further expose the globalists’ scheme, Mr. Guo told that it is their plan for the so-called elite globalists to use COVID-19 to stoke fear and force dependence among the general population. In the guise of “science”, they keep imposing the so-called vaccines in order to execute their “on-demand elimination” plan. The final phase is to roll out the tyrannical vaccine passports to achieve complete control over the global population.

Mr. Guo also proudly stated that the greatest contribution to mankind made by the Whistleblower Movement (WM) is that as early as February 8, 2020, the WM already warned the whole world that COVID-19 was indeed a CCP’s biological weapon. The so-called vaccine, on the other hand, is a shortcut for the Dark Forces to realize globalism, and the vaccine is a catastrophe for all humanity.

Reference: Mr. Miles Guo Grand Live Cast on 11/26/2021

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