Broadcast|U.S. Republican senators introduced “Taiwan Deterrence Act” to strengthen Taiwan defense force

By: MOS Business Team — April

On Nov. 4th, Senator Jim Risch, the Senate Committee on Foreign Relations chairman, led five other senators as co-sponsors in introducing the “Taiwan Deterrence Act.” This act is the second Taiwan supportive bill after Senator Josh Hawley, who serves on the Senate Armed Services Committee, proposed the “Arm Taiwan Act.” These actions reflect the increasing U.S. concerns about strengthening Taiwan’s ability to defend against Chinese aggression and coercion.

This legislation will authorize $2 billion a year in “Foreign Military Financing” for Taiwan from 2023 to 2032. This bill would also amend the Arms Export Control Act to lift more restrictions on the U.S. government for weapons transfer to Taiwan. The Secretary of State and Secretary of Defense will submit an annual assessment of Taiwan’s efforts to advance a credible defense strategy vis-à-vis China within 180 days after the bill passes.

The senators believe, when CCP is constantly destabilizing the Indo-Pacific region, the U.S. government must fulfill their commitments to defend their allies and diplomatic partners, like Taiwan. This legislation will ensure the U.S. preparation and ability for sufficient Taiwan assistance when CCP invades Taiwan. 

Article: U.S. Republican senators introduced “Taiwan Deterrence Act” to strengthen Taiwan defense force

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