Broadcast|H-Coin will Become the Defender of Justice under the New World Order

By: MOS Business Team — April

During the “H-Coin to the Moon” celebration on November 1, 2021, Mr. Miles Guo once again stated that the splendid emergence of Himalaya Exchange, Himalaya Coin (H-Coin), and Himalaya Dollar (H-Dollar), has changed the existing financial market rules ahead of time. Bitcoin has crossed the legal line, but H-Coin will never do so. Any financial currency, product, and system that infringed the law will eventually collapse.

As Mr. Guo said, being the originator of cryptocurrency, Bitcoin is a pioneered contributor in terms of its groundbreaking nature. The blockchain cryptocurrency technology of Bitcoin has changed everything for mankind. However, since Bitcoin has violated the law, it’s destined to be a tool for money laundering for dark forces. Therefore, it can be only seen as a “contributor.”

On the other hand, the H-Coin, which changes the rules within the scope permitted by the law, will never accept any money laundering, or any other illegal even criminal acts, and it will become a staunch defender of justice under the upcoming new world order. In a new world where human rights and wealth are secured, H-Coin will eventually grow and prosper even further.

Article: H-Coin will Become the Defender of Justice under the New World Order

Posted by: Yuki jiang

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