Miles Guo’s 1st Dec 2021 Broadcast Highlight Summary

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Xi Mihua, a Macau casino tycoon, was arrested recently in China for a criminal offence. Xi Mihua is an underling secretly working for Meng Jianzhu (former Minister of Public Security). When Meng JianZhu was formerly in charge of the Mekong River project, Xi Mihua helped Meng take control of all mafia gangs in various Southeast Asia countries, including Vietnam, Thailand, Malaysia, and Singapore. Together with these triads influence, the Mekong River project became the focal point for drug trafficking, human trafficking, bribing local politicians and money laundering. Revenue from drug trafficking alone amounts to 500 billion US dollars. Overtime, Meng’s influence in Southeast Asia grew substantially. Using his Southeast Asia power, Meng JianZhu attempted to expand his power/influence on the middle east, reaching as far as Afghanistan, Iran and Xinjiang. Meng planned to extend his influence all the way to Europe. Miles stated that Meng, like Wang Qishan, has the ambition to replace Chairman Xi as the head of China. The fact that it takes more than two years for Xi to be aware of Xi Mihua’s relationship with Meng shows that Xi lacks intel on his political opponents.

Although CCP has the capability to release deadly viruses with a high mortality rate or paralysis rate, it is fortunate that Omicron is no such deadly virus. Although Omicron is highly contagious, deaths and lifelong threatening cases are considered low in percentage-wise. However, people should still try to refrain from getting infected as the long-term effect is unknown, and the CCP may opt to release the much deadlier virus in the future.

Artemisinin and Ivermectin are both good antidotes to cure Covid infection. Artemisinin can also help to cure adverse effects from Covid vaccines. There are three types of Artemisinin products in the form of injectable artesunate, oral medical pills and supplement capsules. Injectable artesunate is found to be the most effective, whereas supplement is the least effective. Before taking any Artemisinin or Ivermectin, one should first consult with a doctor to see if it is safe for them to consume. Artemisinin is known to deplete the body’s iron, so it is recommended to consume iron-rich food after taking Artemisinin. Artemisinin is also found to put stress on the liver as the body considers it toxic to be broken down by the liver, so one must take it with caution. Currently, it is best not to trust any Artemisinin products manufactured in China as the quality is much lower, and CCP may sabotage these products after the New Federal State of China had announced Artemisinin as the antidote for both Covid and its vaccines.

Source: Miles Guo’s 1st Dec 2021 Broadcast on Gettr

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