Basketball Emperor LeBron James Confirmed Infected With CCP Virus

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On December 1, the Los Angeles Lakers released an official announcement that the team’s player James had tested positive twice and negative once out of three times for the virus. James had previously received two shots of the COVID vaccine.

James is reportedly asymptomatic at this time, but the team has arranged for a private jet to get him back to Los Angeles and will be sure to miss the Lakers’ road game against the Kings. The vaccination rate for NBA players is currently at 95%.

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Previously, the NBA introduced a policy that in the Bay Area and New York, areas with tougher local vaccine policies, if unvaccinated players miss home games due to local regulations, 1/91.6 of the current season’s salary will be deducted per game.

The payroll involved has caused many players to change their attitude toward the vaccine. Among the big names in the NBA, only two, Irving and Wiggins, have yet to receive the COVID vaccine.

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