GT Online: PLA’s Large Refueling Aircraft Appear over Taiwan Sea for the First Time

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According to Netease on December 1, the PLA’s “Yun-20” large refuel aircraft has been exposed to Taiwan Strait, joining the 27 cruise lines that entered the Taiwan Strait’s Air Defense Identification Zone on November 28.

The Yun-20 refueling aircraft is an aerial tanker modified on the platform of the Yun-20 large military transport aircraft. It can use both the flying and anchored aerial refueling technology. The Yun-20 travels with two F-16 fighter jets out of Taiwan. The PLA is suspected to be rehearsing aerial refueling tactics. The cruise to Taiwan’s airspace not only has a long distance and a large number, but also penetrated deep into the southeastern waters of Taiwan, showing a systematic attack aircraft group. A CCP military expert said, “We are already in an era of air, and Taiwan independence forces will have no place to hide.”

Whether it is a routine flight or a deterrent cruise around the Taiwan Strait, PLA aircraft are not only aimed at encircling Taiwan from the air, but more critically, to prevent the US military from intervening in the Taiwan Strait war from the Pacific. Mr. Guo Wengui has repeatedly reminded the world in the live broadcast that the evil CCP’s willingness to invade Taiwan by force has not diminished in the least. The moment when the Taiwan Strait goes to war, it will be the moment of the CCP’s demise.

Source: 刘和平:解放军大型加油机现身台海 台湾已无“险”可守|美军_网易订阅 (

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