The CCP Warns Then Attacks Taiwanese Businesses For Donating Money To Taiwanese Independence Groups.

Dec. 1st, 2021

In a recent story published by The Fifth Skill News on November 29th, 2021, it reports of how the CCP are once again throwing their weight around in an effort to intimidate and infiltrate Taiwan and their resources while disguising it as lawful and justified, but when a country like this play’s by their own rules and has multiple reports of manufacturing evidence and misleading governments how can anything they say be believed?

The oppressive and militant Chinese regime camouflaged this blatant attack on Taiwanese business Far Eastern Group (FEG), the largest corporate funder of election campaigns in Taiwan as a fine of $13.9million for environmental, labour and tax violations. Beijing insists that the fines against FEG subsidiaries were due to regulatory violations and rejects Taipei’s allegation that they amount to interference in its politics. But DPP officials argue that the timing of the punishment exposes the underlying political motivation.

Zhu Fenglian a spokeswoman for the CCP gave this warning to Taiwanese businesses and any other business wanting to get in the way of China’s mission for control of Taiwan, “We will not allow any company to make money in the Chinese mainland and then donate money to diehard Taiwanese independence groups,”

Chen Kuan-ting, head of the DPP-linked think-tank NextGen said “This is the most significant example to date of China going after Taiwanese companies with mainland operations” he also added, “These companies risk becoming a political weapon for Beijing to attack Taiwan.”  

For more information relating to this story please click here: Beijing targets Taiwanese companies with operations in China

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