Asians Assaulted on Subway While Security Appears Absent

Author: MOS Finance Team:  Linda Progress

Another one of Miles Guo’s predictions and warnings has come true. A video from November 18th showed a group of black girls on board a SEPTA train in Philadelphia that had attacked Asian passengers while the train was passing through a tunnel on Wednesday.  A passenger managed to capture the event on the train near Erie Station on the Broad Street Line.

In the video, the attackers appear to be African American with one wearing a hijab. They were yelling repeatedly and punching another group of Asian teens.  The girl with the hijab then targeted another girl and repeatedly smashed her head against the train door until she fell over, she was then assaulted with a shoe multiple times while being kicked.  Before that, the girls also verbally abused a group of teen boys who were seated on the train.

Although Philadelphia Police, School District Police, and Philadelphia Human Relations Commission are reportedly looking into the incident, to this date, no charges have been filed.

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