The CCP Proposed a New Law To Strengthen the Firewall, People Face Severe Punishment but Insist on Accessing Blocked Sites

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The Voice of America reported on November 30 that on November 14, the CCP’s State Internet Information Office issued a “Notice of Public Consultation on the Regulation on Network Data Security Management (Draft for Comments)”. This latest regulation on network management stipulates that individuals and organizations are not allowed to provide VPNs; accessing blocked sites and assisting accessing blocked site are subject to varying degrees of punishment and criminalization.

The regulation, if passed, will undoubtedly bring more severe punishment and suppression to Internet users in Communist China. However, despite the fact that the regulation is already under “consultation”, those inside the CCP’s firewalls say they would rather face the pressure of punishment than break through the wall.

In fact, before that, the CCP had never stopped suppressing and punishing people in China for using VPNs. Even if they are just watching variety shows, browsing the web or looking up information, they are still considered illegal by the CCP. According to statistics, from July 2019 to October 2020 alone, the public security department of Zhejiang Province has issued at least 62 cases of individual users being punished for using VPNs.

On November 17 this year, the Jiangxi Ganzhou City Intermediate People’s Court made a verdict on a case of college students selling VPN software, sentencing the college students to two years and six months in prison, suspended for four years, and a fine of RMB 10,000 yuan.

On October 19, Dapeng Cheng, a citizen of Linyi City, Shandong Province, was fined five thousand dollars by the Linyi City Public Security Bureau for using VPN software to browse foreign websites.

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There are countless examples of this in Communist China. The CCP’s public consultation with the public has been met with irony and questions from the general public.

Some netizens think that the matter itself is ridiculous. When the wall was built without consulting, now over the wall is illegal instead of consulting, simply ridiculous.

Netizens also questioned the statement made by Lijian Zhao, deputy director of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs’ Information Department and spokesperson, at the first “China Network Civilization Conference”. In his speech, Lijian Zhao said, “Foreign Ministry spokesperson Chunying Hua and my personal Twitter account have exceeded one million followers one after another”. Netizens therefore questioned: “How do you have a Twitter account? Why can you log on to the Internet but we can’t? And are you considered to be breaking the law by using VPN?”

While the CCP’s firewall has blocked at least thousands of overseas websites, it has also inspired the development of world class VPN software. The development of VPN software is constantly pushing forward, so that VPN users are not blocked inside the wall. And, more and more people say they want to persist in using VPN even in the face of the high pressure of severe punishment from the CCP.

Mr. Zeng, from Zhejiang province, told Voice of America that although his child is still young, he will definitely teach him to use VPNs in the future. Because he wants his child to be a thinking person, not a thoughtless, slaughterable pig.

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