The Chinese Communist Party released a variant of the virus to plague the world with the intention of Taiwan

Translated by: MOS Finance Team – Xia

The rapid spread of the Omicron variant virus has caused renewed panic in countries around the world. On November 28th, Mr. Miles Guo warned again in his GTV live broadcast, that the virus originated from the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) military’s biochemical weapons. The CCP colluded with evil forces to release a new virus in a premeditated and planned manner.

Mr. Miles Guo revealed that the real source of infection for the new variant of the virus was released into the western United States by the CCP three weeks ago. Recently, the CCP sent Wang Yi and Yang Jiechi to Africa, and Chinese military planes flew to the Middle East and Africa, all in preparation for the release of the new virus. The CCP framed Africa as the birthplace of a new variant of the virus in order to intensify racial tensions between native Europeans and illegal African immigrants. The CCP is strengthening centralized rule by fomenting racial hatred and dividing humanity, just like all dictators throughout history.

Mr. Miles Guo said the first purpose of the CCP’s releasing the deadly variant of the virus again is to divert internal economic and political contradictions, and the other purpose is to disrupt and weaken the United States and Europe, break the economic supply chain, create fear, and even famine, thus leading to local unrest within the West. The CCP is attempting to hold the world hostage with a viral antidote; and conspiring with Russia, they will attack Taiwan and Ukraine at the same time while the West is in civil unrest.

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