Broadcast|U.S. and Taiwan Hold High-Level Talks After the Xi-Biden Meeting

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On November 24, Voice of America reported that U.S. and Taiwan held a high-level two-day security conference in Washington DC the very next day of the Xi-Biden meeting. It indicated that the U.S. ignored the CCP’s warnings of “don’t play with fire” on the Taiwan issue during and after the Xi-Biden summit.

Randall Schriver, a former Assistant Secretary of Defense for Indo-Pacific Security Affairs, said that the annual U.S.-Taiwan Political and Military Dialogue and Defense Review Talks ensured that both sides would be on the same page in their joint response to the CCP’s military threat. Military experts said that in addition to the arms sales, the talks also discussed classified defense and security cooperation.  

The spokesman of Taiwan’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs stated that the U.S. and Taiwan had long remained official multi-level and multi-channel dialogues to facilitate cooperation.

Article: U.S. and Taiwan Hold High-Level Talks After the Xi-Biden Meeting

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