Broadcast|13 Stillbirth in One Day, Doctors Demand Investigation into “Vaccine Disaster”

By: MOS Arts team — Redd(文清)

On November 11, two doctors and supportive people marched in front of the emergency room at Lions Gate Hospital in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, demanding an investigation into whether hospital executives had received improper benefits from vaccine manufacturers while vigorously promoting vaccination.

Recently, 13 cases of stillbirth death occurred in this hospital in one day. All the pregnant women who had stillbirth had been vaccinated against the CCP virus. In the past, the hospital usually had only one stillbirth case a month. With such a huge gap in numbers, doctors have to warn and call for an investigation into the hospital. The hospital agreed to the demands of the two doctors.

Article: 13 Stillbirth in One Day, Doctors Demand Investigation into “Vaccine Disaster”

Posted by: Yuki jiang

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